Challenge me
Community knowledge challenge app

Management/Project Lead


The lack of motivation at work is surely the most important factor when acquiring new knowledge. Therefore, to improve productivity and motivation in a work environment, we can create challenge in learning, in order to encourage individual and professional self-improvement as well as the work team.


The constant need to keep employees updated and focused on a motivating environment is a challenge for every group leader. Strengthening, stimulating and accelerating the learning processes of each work team is a task that can be managed in a fun way, challenging the staff to obtain significant rewards.


Challenge me is an app managed by the area/project leader that creates a learning theme, setting a time, a series of quiz questions and a reward. Each challenge contains the material needed to study the theme (visualized in an interactive way). Once the work team has accepted the challenge starts a live quiz among the opponents. The winner is who hits the highest number of questions in the set time, receiving a reward from the leader of the challenge. The reward may be e.g. money, 1 h vacation.

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Challenge me should be disseminated by each head of the area (project leader), as a tool that serves to encourage learning and internal improvement, as well as it helps her/him to control the motivation and participation that each person in charge has within the work team. It also may be used to challenge two different working areas (e.g. Copywriting and communication vs Web Marketing) to create a learning flow that allows then the interdisciplinary work.

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