Vending machine
Interactive learning station integrated to a vending machine

White Collar, Blue Collar, and Trainees


It is necessary to implement a learning process that encourages workers to participate, in a playful way


Interactive learning station integrated to a vending machine could work as a fun incentive. The incentives can be scalable according to the effort and the complexity of the learning process, which can include quizzes, clues, feedback, training, challenges, such as collaborating with colleagues.


You can use it at your coffee break, recess or free time, to redeem learning for significant incentives or prizes such as a snack, a drink, a collectible ítem. Depending on the type of learning, the interface could be physically integrated to the vending macchine (whit specific tools, i. e.) , or just can be an app on a smartphone, and then claim the prize in the macchine through a code.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Workers need incentives to participate in learning processes. Incentives do not have to be expensive, but significant, such as a break or a fun moment , within the work routine.