Learn, answer and win
A mobile app that sends us micro lessons and gives us a coffee when we answer the quiz correctly



The reward system has been very effective in motivating employees to achieve well-defined goals. Bonuses, promotions, comission, cash prizes, etc. are not only reward forms that have shown their benefits but also a way to show the recognition of the company to employees.


Since the rewards system has previously been shown to be effective in motivating employees to achieve work goals, why the companies are not using to encourage employees to learn?


"Learn, answer and win" is a mobile app that contains micro lessons of 5 minutes, at the end of each course, employees must answer a quiz to validate the course, once the course is validated, employees will receive a QR code on the mobile screen that will allow them to get a free coffee from the smart vending machine in the workplace.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The mobile application and smart vending machines will be interconnected to realize this idea.

Employees will have their well deserved coffee and nourish their need for achievement. (continuous learning = free coffee every morning)