An innovative app that allows you to get involved in projects of some of the top companies



I didn't want my concept to be targeted at a specific target audience. I feel like in today's world expertise as well as flexibility and knowledge of different skills, are pretty much mandatory to survive the very competitive professional field and help an individual stand out. However the elongated work hours, hectic lifestyle and daily routines makes it hard to try to find time to motivate oneself to learn new skills and improve in your current field.


With my concept I tried to be inclusive and approach this subject in a way that would make it appealing for everyone, the learner, the tutor and the company that houses both. I wanted to visualize a way of learning new things that would be easily accessible and feels meaningful for both sides of the experience in order to motivate people to expand their skillsets and knowledge. At the same time I wanted to learning experience to be fun and engaging and easily incorporated on any schedule.


Specialize is an app that gives people the opportunity to visit a well renowned person's work space and work on a small project under them in order to learn a specific skill. The app promotes human interaction so all the seminars are done face-to face. The user is gets the opportunity to work with someone with huge experience and expertise on a subject. On the other hand, companies who participate in the app get to browse the users' profile and potentially add them to their rosters.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Specialize is an innovative app that gives you a chance to work together with highly renowned individuals on their fields of expertise. It is not just a seminar but an actual project, from start to finish, designed to fill a necessity and to teach tips, tricks and a specific mindset. It is a great way for big companies to advertise their work, promote their highly ranked employees and attract people into their work and workflow. It promotes human interaction and is a great way to engage in meaningful discussions and create relationships with influential people in any field. Getting to be in the same work space as the seminar's leader is very constructive in order to better understand their workflow and problem solving approach. The seminars are completely free for any user, and in exchange the companies involved get to create projects in conjunction with the applicants and have a different source to evaluate people for potential hiring.

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