AR Post-it Note
AR glasses that allow trainees to see post-it notes, depending on their position in the workspace.



New trainees must be well-informed about how the business works, and know what to do and what not to do. to get answers to their daily questions, the trainees go to a professional supervisor, but sometimes the trainees will need an instant answer to know what to do in an urgent situation. In this case, the trainee becomes a little stressed out for fear of making a mistake.


Trainees will need dynamic learning to successfully complete the internship and get the maximum of knowledge.


Augmented reality glasses that allow trainees to read post-it virtual notes pinned by the professional supervisor in several places in the company.

These post-it notes may contain directions, tips, reminders, and warnings.

The content of each post-it will be adapted to the needs of the trainee in a specific place

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Companies must provide their trainees with AR glasses to improve their learning experience. Companies that can not have AR glasses because of their high cost, can still benefit from this idea at lower cost if employees view virtual post-in through the cameras of their smartphones.

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