design learning environments
physical environment have a positive impact on learning and engagement.

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As an architect, I know, that physical environment has big impact on learning. The focusing on colour and comfort is a very important aspect in learning and engagement. You can improve by design, light, colours and more....

As I worked in school architecture, here an important aspects is: The room as a "third educator". School architecture and learning culture


Researchers found that 75% of the variation performance can be explained by the built environment—with lighting, air quality, colour and noise disruption cited as the primary factors effecting engagement, team collaboration, better social behaviour, improves concentration, enhances learning, increases creativity


Design Innovative Learning Environments: by *Accessible technology encourages people to participate and co-create. Adding a large-scale Surface Hub makes it easy to share content or work with co-located and distributed team members. *Guide the Learning Process Provide postable, writable surfaces adjacent to technology to make ideas visible and to guide the lerning process. Vertical surfaces for writing, drawing or posting support thinking and expression. *Engage+Connect in separate spaces

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

the room itself should be the motivation and should encourage to learn with its positive feeling on the employees