Pin a question - get an Answer
Easy to integrate and effective pinboard learning solution for every work environment

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, All, and Other (The idea is scalable to practically any level of company engagement)


There is a principle of working, called "Keep it simple, stupid" (KISS). While I don't imply anyone anywhere is stupid, valuable lessons can be extracted from the said principle.


Sometimes you only need a specific, direct help in learning/understanding something. The "question-answer", that sort of thing. There are always experienced colleages around who might know these answers. Ask them and they'll help. And you'll learn.


An offline solution (for a change)! In the cantina/cafeteria/entrance/main hall/etc. you pin a question to a pinboard. Someone might know the answer, or might know a guy who knows it. In the end, you get your question answered! Simple as that. Learn new things and feel good about helping colleagues voluntarily in the meantime. The concept works best if there are Leaderboards following whoever asks and answers most questions. This will further stimulate learning and communication among employees.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

One or more pinboards are placed on key office locations, such as cantina/cafeteria/lobby/parking lot/etc.

Big advantage of this idea is it works offline! A very simple, fast, effective and budget-oriented solution. On top of that, the idea is scalable to any level of employment - from blue collars up to top management!

I feel that more people nowadays are tired of too much technology - apps, AI, clouds, etc. and would prefer a simpler, human-centric old-school learning approach.

You pin a question and someone answers, or at least points in the right direction. Such approach brings increased communications between colleagues and sparks a beneficial discussions on work-related topics, improving team morale.

Keep Leaderboards about who posts and answers most questions, combine these with incentives and through a simple learning hack "pin a question - get an answer" you'll end up with a long-term scalable learning system.