Thanks Hour
Appreciate to all people working together whether Manager, Supervisor, junior manager or blue collar

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Blue Collar


People sit/stand in one group (10 people) they make a circle. First, the leader/Supervisor/Junior management give a report of last month achieved. After that, will give a chance to every member to say thanks to their teammate. Must say honestly and sincerely say it. Only say thanks you and positive to all team member.


Say thank you is powerfull word that make solid team. It’s will increase confident level among team and will create more teamwork that make process working fun and soothing.


60 minutes when manager and blue collar forget about job title and position and only say thanks each other will increase confident level for next working. Appreciate and acceptance is one key to increase strong teamwork and friendly environmental in office.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Whenever we work, attitude is very important for all level employee. Say thank you and positive words is proven increase of confidence and perform of people. yes, we now all of us isn't perfect, but appreciate whatever other people did will increase moralize and integrity during work. it's will impact to personal performance and company achievement. It's very important to say directly how proud management have good worker.