Learning cocoon
private space with comfort and no disruption



To do effective learning, you need a protected place for yourself and feel comfortable in all psychical and physical personal needs


So we all need a shelter to be safe. Such shelters were in past caves and nowadays we have these feelings in a tent and specially in rooms under the roof.

Sometimes I say, " I have to go into my shell," to retire and feel comfortable. A sort of cocoon, can do the same, I think.

There are already pods for relaxing in workspaces, on airports, ...they can be new designed with equipments for learning processes.


design cocoon for learning: a space to retire and for concentration, with out disturbing by noise and exterior influences, to concentrate on yourself with comfortable place, to lay down, first relaxing... an with all technical support for the learning lessons, you need maybe close your eyes and only listen there will be much concentration on the learning and effective to the brain to remember, having this "Cocoon"

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

A video of the experiences and possibilities, one person in "action" with the cocoon, to become curious to the way of learning