Daily Hacks
Daily hacks are fun to learn and useful to apply for everyone at work!

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, All, and Other (The idea is scalable to practically any level of company engagement and works offline)


There's no need to do something complex when you can do it simple and get the same results. A small "hack" might mean the difference between fun and nerve at workplace, also it makes the job easier, faster, and more satisfying.


Sometimes you only need a specific, direct input in learning/understanding/solving an issue. Useful hints like "Always be sure to close the brackets at the end algorithms" for programmers; "Tyre bolts come off with wrench n:17" for mechanics, "ctrl+alt+i is the shortcut for image sizing in Photoshop" for designers, etc.


Really useful bits of information tailored for specific professions are pinned to a board at work. These hacks are updated on daily, weekly and monthly basis. They are provided by management or by employees themselves. Workers learn, exchange and apply practical knowledge in a friendly and funny way. Exemplary hacks in the "Conclusion" also include quick references for any specific job, like "Men's EU 40 equals US 7" for footwear CS representatives. Daily Hacks are virtually unlimited!

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The "Daily Hacks" idea is readily accessible to implement, is scalable for most professions and it works offline, which IMO is welcome today, when most people are overburdened by digitalism! Literally zero monetary investment from a company with this idea can result in exact practical knowledge becoming common among its employees, thus raising the effectiveness, morale and communication of whole team.