NeuroHack- Motivate via Neuromodulation
Hacking brain activity/states will motivate employees to seek learning and with higher confidence.



Imagine you ask person X to learn something new. Now, instead, imagine you inform X that his mind is presently in the perfect mode to learn something new, and suggest he use this window of opportunity to learn whatever he had been planning to learn but had not been getting around to focusing on.

In which of the two above instances is X more likely to pursue learning actively?

And if you gave X access to a tool to put him in the right mental state, wouldn't he be more excited about learning?


The state of a person's brain affects his motivation, his ability to focus, ability to learn efficiently, and much more.

Scientists use the electroencephalogram (EEG) as a readout of brain activity and brain state. Research has also shown that EEG patterns, and specific wave forms, can be altered through optimized stimuli - sounds, light/visual patterns, smells, etc. For as low as $2.99, one can put an app like Brain Wave - Sharp Mind ™ on one's phone. Progress is coming! Now to workplaces!


NeuroHack (or NeuHack) is a suite of brain hacking tools, that may be used in a workplace (or elsewhere!) to improve users' motivation, mental energy, focus and learning.

NeuHack optimizes the brain state via brainwave entrainment, done via perceptible as well as subliminal patterns in music, lighting (controlling smart lights, hues), etc. And adjusting for circadian changes.

NeuHack allows personalization to a user, but can also be used to optimize stimuli in a shared room.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

A group of employees will be exposed to the NeuHack suite, and their testimonials recorded and edited into a video.

A Demonstration video of the NeuHack, along with the employee testimonial video will then be circulated to all employees in the company, along with the mention that the company's IT department can install the app on phones for free.

(Naturally, the company will have safeguards put into place inside the app - because sometimes using too much of a good thing can be detrimental to health!).