Learning Duos
Checking and motivating each other's processes, duos learn and present together.

White Collar and Management/Project Lead


People usually lose their motivation for learning new things when things get monotonous in time at work.


One of the things people need to regain their motivation at work is an effective reminder. Feeling responsible for someone is one of the best ways to keep the focus on the process.


By making people dependent on each other's learning processes, my idea raises a feeling of responsibility. This responsibility will lead to a mindset that people check each other's development. When someone has low motivation, the other one will increase it. In addition, they will share different perspectives on topics, which is also a great opportunity to improve different skills. The concept is simply like having a gym buddy that motivates you to do one more set.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

This idea needs no budget. It Increases the interaction between team members as I envision that learning buddies will change periodically. The number 'two' is great for a learning team, because when the number increases, the proactivity decreases. Even shy workers will feel safe and get used to making presentations with their buddies. Learning and presenting together is a good start to build a learning culture in corporate environments.