Explaining the process
During a relaxing reunion, in a set-aside hour, employees explain what they did step by step

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Trainees, and Other (designers, engineers, software and game developers)


During the working days, employees are normally focused on their own goals. Indifferently whether they want or not to share knowledge each other and socialize a bit, they do not have enough time to interact with their fellows. In that scenario, significant information useful for many may be missed.


In the work place, employees need to share their knowledge each other in a fluent and effective way by keeping the workflow as much as possible.


When a project is completed, the manager and the employees involved come together. During that time, some employees explain to the group what they did step by step showing in a screen all the process they worked previously recorded. The meeting could be a bit informal, comfortable, with some snacks and drinks available enabling the group participation. That way, employees would spontaneously feel ease at the time they interact each other sharing and learning importat information.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

During the development of an specific project, employees would be asked to record their screens while they work by means of a recording software. Once the project is completed, a date is previously agreed to gather the group in a set-aside hour after leaving. When the meeting takes place, the experienced employees show the outcome previously summarized by controlling the speed and skipping the material on the go easily, being able to explain the stages of their workflow.

This program would involve a certain group of employees, including trainees mostly, whose skills and topics are realated in some manner having the chance of empowering their knowledge through the activity.

The software displayed on the visual is Krita; it's a free software with free code.