Collaborative learning (I offer/I need)
A sharing platform (online or offline) to offer/or ask for the knowledge and skills



Everyone has unique skills and knowledge to offer to a team/a company. On the other hand, we continuously seeking for new knowledge or face specific challenges. Our workplaces have diverse people with broad areas of expertise (not only work-related). Working together in the same department, we aren't always aware of how helpful to each other we can be. Letting employees share their passions, expertise and hobbies with each can foster better workplace relationships, cross-team collaboration.


Encourage your employees to share their passions and knowledge with others. Give them time during working hours to create their own workshop/one-on-one sharing session/or even course across the topic of their interest. It shouldn't be the necessarily work-related one, but also interests outside of the office or even just a recent experience that they had (like a trip somewhere, a book that they read, etc).


Create online platform/offline board where employes can post the topics that they want to share with colleagues. This platform will have two sections "I offer" & "I need", so someone who has something specific to share can post their offers under the section "I offer" and someone who has specific learning needs can post their needs under the section "I need". Give them time during working hours to create their group workshops or one-on-one knowledge sharing sessions across these topics.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

  • I would encourage everyone to post at least one offer per month.
  • Showing by example. Whoever is responsible for this tool advertisement/implementation should show how it works by example, and post the first offers themselves.
  • I would also organise a special meeting to announce this initiative and explain why and how to use it
  • I would publish success stories on how this tool helps on a daily basis
  • There might be some reward system implemented as well for those who use the tool more than others

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