Cross-functional challenges
Create offline/online platform to announce cross-functional challenges



A lot of projects running in a corporate environment require all types of expertise, innovative ideas or out-of-box thinking. Very often teams which continuously work together on similar projects are already biased towards solutions that have been implemented before.


Involving workers from different teams with somewhat opposite knowledge that the project might officially require can boost innovation, spark participants' curiosity, encourage employees to learn new things that are the subjects of their interest but they never had a time to spend on.


Create a corporate platform similar to Jovoto which will enable teams to publish their projects/challenges online and get involved people from different departments to contribute their ideas. Collaborative teamwork, feedback loops, and a common goal to make a project/challenge success will motivate participants to educate themselves more around the subject, give the motivation to try themselves in the things that might seem interesting, but scary because they are not experts in this area.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

  • I would give every employee an opportunity to have, for example, 30 working days per year which they can allocate for solving cross-functional challenges
  • I would encourage offline meetings (if possible) around the challenge so the team gets to know each other
  • I would award the most successful challenges of the year

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