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The company's library which includes the most important needs of its staff for life-long learning.



Studies show that nearly 80% of employees read about their work, and 70% believe learning is important for career advancement, while about 40% prefer to study online.

But those who want to study online are faced with many obstacles.. They are lost amid thousands of links provided by search engines such as Google, facing great problems in accessing materials that match their exact requirements and specialties, in addition to the lack of credibility of many articles published in many websites.


The existence of a specialized library containing the most prominent media represented in a reliable and accurate scientific method in a specific field, will fulfill the dream of every employee who wants to learn more in his/her career.

The benefit will be greater if the library is located in the employee's company, received scientific and financial support from the administration.

Managers also must encourage and motivate employees to develop their knowledge through it.


The idea is to implement an intranet/internet website as a multimedia archive library in the various fields in which the company deals.

This library is provided with materials by the managers and the employees in its various forms (books, researches, articles, courses, photographs, graphics, charts, tables, slide shows, audio and video clips, etc.).

All available materials must be indexed and categorized according to the fields available in the company, to facilitate access by all employees.

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Uploading a new material to the library allows the employee to earn points in his account.. These points are calculated according to specific criteria that take into consideration the quality, size, importance, uniqueness and reliability of this material, whether shared or prepared by the employee him/herself.

The employee's balance will also increase if he complete any of the courses published on the website, by adding the dedicated points to his/her balance and according to his/her assessment in the exam.

The employee can use the points accumulated in his/her balance by converting them into a cash allowance to subscribe in specialized scientific and technical periodicals, register in non-free online learning platforms or attend training courses outside the company, with permission to be absent for several hours per week to attend these courses.

Consideration is given to the progress of the employee in his/her profession, to be qualified for career advancement in the company.