Your work matters
Most professions could feel repetative and boring over time. Learn what to avoid and how to stay in!



Every profession could feel repetitive and boring at some point. This issue should be avoided at all costs, because it negatively affects performance, morale and results. Not only for the said individual, but for their team and even company in general.


Learn small hacks to help you stay interested and engaged in your job, from blue collars to project leads. Learn facts and witness motivating stories that let you look at your job position from another, dignified perspective. Bring meaning to it, day after day.


Work should be joy, not a burden! Communication happens via posters around the office and hashtags to employee electronic devices. This way messages reach anyone in a company, not depending if they've tech-related jobs or not. Posters/hashtags are supposed to inspire employees and stimulate them to educate and do more. Example: hashtags #workshouldbejoy and #workisnotaburden offer practical advices and reasons to feel good at any position; #yourworkmatters provides valuable, dignified examples.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

#workshouldbeajoy offers practical technique in typical use cases for any intended profession, e.g. communicate how to safely carry more dishes at once for restaurant waiters or how to seamlessly sort documents for office workers. #workisnotaburden shows examples of employees who love their jobs, their motivation and satisfaction from doing it. #yourworkmatters reveals stories that put the accent on the "butterfly effect" - even a small contribution in seemingly non-important job could have big impact on people's welfare on local or wider level. It has to dignify any work and inspire employees to educate and perform better. Examples: story about tire mechanic who doesn't forget to tighten all bolts and as a result of his professionalism, important politician arrives safely at a meeting where his participation is beneficial for society. Story about massage specialist who massages a football superstar and thanks to his efforts, the player scores a goal which makes the whole nation happy.

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