Learning by using apps is the fasted way to get updated in this modern world.

White Collar and Blue Collar


There is ample time for varieties of activities for white collar job workers who work with gadgets and devices as means of service delivery. Those devices are often not used to maximise learning as modern applications have created more room for learning. Free periods at work are moments for learning, which is an approach that is often overlooked by employees of both white and blue collar types.


In conclusion workers at offices and factories around the world have very tight schedule and often are required to dis-engage from the environment and solely focus on the job at hand thereby inhibiting any quest to learn while at work as time is always short.


The aid of learning application software, the power of the internet and ability to store up information for later use, keeping short notes though not new, are ways of remembering important information which will help to maximise output at work as well as improve worker's knowledge. Applications such as: Google Assistant and Apple Siri are apps that aid learning which is well suited for workers who have very slim breaks at work. This aid learning as you work.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Group SMS sent to all workers during lunch break as a tip from the board of management will have an informal appeal to office workers as well as factory workers. At the start of each working day a reminder is sent from one worker to another to see what each individual can achieve using these application to maximise work and learning. These informal approach will loosen rigidity at work and improve workers relations and team work, hence better time management, workers motivation and improved productive in learning and cooperate service delivery.