Learning - Purpose - Social Impact
Self-Motivation for learning, because employer encourages it to be applied to Social Impact projects

White Collar, Blue Collar, and All


As we move (or hope to move) into a post-consumerism mindset, where personal and social well-being matter to us, many of us are keen to apply our existing skills as well as learned-in-the-process skills towards solving socially-relevant issues. Indeed, in the past year, non-profit clients from MENA and Germany leveraged the jovoto community to get lots of work done - and likely at a much cheaper rate than a for-profit client might have.


White collar or blue collar, C-suite or basement, employees are companies find that doing good and having a positive social impact helps them in their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.


My idea is for a transformative collaborative effort in a company, wherein employees identify social causes or non-profits that the employees are interested in supporting. The company shall then partner with these non-profits, find out what skills/expertise/labor the non-profits require to maximize their results, and then inform its employees of the needs. Employees will volunteer, upgrade their skills etc to be able to provide consulting services & training to the non-profits.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

A bimonthly #Impact volunteer fair where partner NGOs make presentations about their work and pitch their future/potential projects/needs before the company's employees. Employees coalesce around NGO projects to which they are willing to commit time, energy, and "new learning." That is, employees show willingness to learn new things that help them help the NGOs.

Employees may vote on the allocation of company corporate social responsibility grants to the NGOs. Funding may be also dependent on the "new learning" and volunteering commitments that teams of employees make and deliver on. Results are presented at each subsequent #Impact fair.

A culture shift occurs as employees associate active learning with the joy of making #SocialImpact. (In the future, company employees and teams might even become philanthropreneurs, setting up their own projects.)

This model replicable in other offices, other companies/industries.

~~ Nov 1, this and Idea 73983 were first ideas on Social Good~~