Wishlist App
Find a skill you will benefit from

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, and All


Many people want to learn a new skill, have an interest in some other type of work, or have an ambitions to improve themselves in some field of work.


People who have an interest in improving their work routine, are always in search for a new skill or how to improve exhisting ones. We have a freedom to learn anything, and this sometimes can be unoptimised, because we learn some stuff we really don't need in a moment.


WishlistApp is an app that can suggest a next skill for you. You will have an optimisied path for learning. App will find skills based on your field of work and your level of skills. This way employee will have the path for learning step by step, all skills you need for a main skill or complete skillset. Other colleagues can suggest a skill for you on the app, skill they think you should work on or learn.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

App can be a playground for a finding one another good skill to learn. You can interact with others and possibly share and learn together.

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