Your Future Self In Your CommStream: Email, Slack, Chat, Etc
"Hacking" workplace comms channels, e.g. email, Slack, Hangouts, chats, etc w/ YFSLearningMotivation

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, and Trainees


A. Today workplaces depend on communication. In the future of work, the communication channels (aka "comms") will be catering to not just person-to-person, but also to person-to-machine, to person-to-AI, etc. Consider how your phone calendar or Google Calendar pushes notifications to your device screen and speakers (having replaced a human secretary and scheduling diary!).
B. To most people, the notion of the future and the wisdom of one's "Future Self" are exciting, mysterious, inspiring!


A.1. Look how Google Gmail analyzes the contest of your emails, as well as Google's "proprietary" data about your personality and interests, to push one-liner ads into your inbox. A non-distracting advertising hack of your email communication system, that blends in with the other email subject lines, but is still tailored well enough to often get you to click on that "email."

B.1. A person checking comms is likely to prioritize/open those from his Future Self.


Your Future Self In Your CommStream will involve the smart placement of Learning Motivation messages inside workplace comm channels, e.g. email, Slack, Hangouts, Skype, chats, etc - I write "etc" because its adaptable to still-to-be-invented comm channels. Kind and optimistic #YFS messages have bite-sized insights, mentions of what's already being actively learned, tips on what will be useful to know or tackle next, etc. AI generates the messages AND can reply conversationally if you engage!

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

I would first get permission from employees (volunteers) to enroll them into an exciting growth initiative #YFS. The cryptic YFS is to deliberately create suspense and excitement. Even though most employer-employee legal agreements automatically grant the employer access to all workplace communications, and thus allow it to have an AI analyze them, I feel it would be fair if employees were prepared emotionally to be getting work/career/learning-relevant motivational advice from a YFS, which they shall soon figure out is their Future Self!

Regarding this hack, we can see that the motivational messaging in the comms stream can be implemented regardless of whether the sender is YFS or just identified as a smart suggestions bot. This point is useful in case a company leadership or company culture might not yet be sure about naming it as YFS.

~~~ Happy November, everyone! I've checked that this is the only Future Self concept in this contest as of Nov 1. Good luck to all of you. ~~~