10 minutes a day
You'll be amazed to realize how many new things a person could learn in 10 little minutes

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, and Trainees


Usually employees are overloaded (or feel that way) at work and even if they wish to increase their job-related knowledge, they simply can't allocate enough "hard disk" space in their minds.


Freeing time during work is one method to encourage employees to learn. However, not everyone will exchange job's task for learning, at least if they aren't offered additional incentives.


You'll be amazed to realize how much new useful knowledge employees could gain in long-term, if they allocate only 10 minutes each day. Please take a look at provided research articles. Process is simple - management chooses viable topics and provides learning materials to employees. It can be notebooks, articles, sketches, whatever. Idea works equally well both online and offline-based sources, depending on the job and objective. 10 minutes a day for few months to years will yield huge results!

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The aforementioned stimulation for employees to CHOOSE to learn instead of management forcing them to do so can vary in methods and extent. Understandably people who learn and do well have to be praised and gain more material incentives than those who only learn (or pretend to). Progress on staged topics should be tracked and measured from time to time for all occupied employees. In addition to free snacks or coffees, bonuses to salary might be offered to those who learn really well. There is a unique incentive that would be evenly appreciated by anyone who chooses to start learning 10 minutes a day. Management actually allocates 20 minutes of work time for learning purposes. 10 minutes go for the actual process, and another 10 minutes afterwards are free for employees to use as they like. Each day, day after day.