Set up timer for work/learn work routines.

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Trainees


Traditional working hours as we know are 8 hours. In those 8 hours productive or effective hours can be much much lower.


Depending on the type of working environment, employees can approach their working routines in different ways. This can help with more effective hours, but also with rest time, focus on learning and exploring free time.


Employee can use the app to set the timer and plan those 8h. It can be set: 15m work - 15m rest, 30m work - 10m rest, 45m work - 15m rest, etc. In those rest times, app can suggest, walk, rest, learn, lunch, etc. This way employee can feel much more focused on work, with more or less pauses, and have also productive breakes. Example, 30m work, 10m read book, 35m work, 10m walk. Employee can experiment in finding the best routine.

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It depends on a type of working environment and field of work. In places where this would be possible (smaller teams, businesses, it/art industy, etc.), it can be experimental approach to your work routine. It can be less productive or more, but that is a type of a game to find your best. That can motivate employees to be more productive, appreciate time and have a time to both work and learn more.

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