Game of Learning
People can share knowledge with each other on a playful an competitive way.



People who have to learn learning material for examinations, do it mostly among themselves. They are tense and some of them are frustrated.

People who learn in learning groups have more fun and usually better grades. And they improve their competences in communication and collaboration, which are important for the future work.


Regarding the observation, we have to promote the learning groups. One approach would be an interactive learning game, on the basis of blooms taxanomie. It supports the four "future competences" (the 4 cs) communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creatvity.

The group decides the learning goals, i.e. the learning activities and selects the adequate level. They can start with basic cognitive skills (foundational knowledge) an go further to higher cognitive skills (deep learning).


Users make an appointment in one public or private place, where wifi is provided. One of them start the app "games of Learning" and ensures that the learning material is converted. He choose the cognitive skill level and the hours of playtime. After that, every participant signs in. Due to the choosen skill levels, questions and tasks will be given regarding the learning material. At the end of the game, every participant receive a private email message with his personalized report.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

I would provide the game at the wellknown app stores and present it to all the "touchpoints" from my target groups, e.g. presenting it at the canteens, finding students or employees. Furthermore I would make appointments with the hr managers in the big companies and demonstrate the advantages of the game.