Controversial Problem-Based +1 Approach
A learning App that provides employees with problems that can be solved by applying one new skill



Observation 1: For most people learning has a negative connotation as it is associated with effort and often even frustration.Problem-solving, on the other hand, can be exciting and the resolution fills us with satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Observation 2: A problem that is too difficult can be frustrating – a problem that is too easy is boring. Both reduce the motivation to engage in the problem’s solving. Observation 3: A collective mindset cannot be changed top-down, but bottom-up


It's less likely that employees will make an effort to find the time for learning than for engaging in the solution of a stimulating problem.This should neither be too difficult and therefore frustrating, nor too easy and thus boring. They key to successful learning is to follow a +1 approach: only 1 new method/information needs to be acquired. The more relevant those problems are to the employees’ (work-) environment and the more controversial the problem is, the more conversations will follow.


A learning App provides employees with problems that need solving. Ideally those problems are controversial in order to not only evoke interest in the task,but to also spark conversations in staff rooms after. It is crucial that the information/method needed to solve this problem follows a +1 approach and is acquired via learning by doing. Afterwards, the App will offer advice on situations in which the skill/information acquired can be applied and offer positive feedback on the solution process

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The App is introduced as an educational game and employees are encouraged to play it during their working hours (~ 5-10 minutes per day). Further incentives are the highlighting of how the information/methods learned via the App are applicable in their working environment and possibly a company-wide score sheet to spark friendly competitiveness. The App can be advertised via posters or on the intranet by use of visually appealing images that pose controversial problems/questions to spark the viewer’s interest. New problems to solve can be published either daily or weekly. Whenever the company aims to change the collective mindset of their employees in a specific direction, they will choose their controversial problems accordingly and possibly offer further time and space for staff discussions, since the intersubjective perspective of an issue can only be achieved bottom-up rather than be taught top-down.