Staff "get-together" camping can be organized to serve continuous education and recreation tasks.



Learning in the open air benefits one’s body, mind and soul. This will enhance happiness, sense of beauty and observation skills.

Moreover, so many benefits can be practiced in such camping including discovering personal characters of each others and strengthening inter-relations, in addition to continuous education benefits.


Arranging camping activities once a month - under good weather conditions - is a reliable tool in tackling several sides of the employee’s characters.

This is expected to empower participants to become effective learners as they prepare some study materials, attend some discussions and teach others.

Costs of camping activities can be tailored according to available financial support.


Ten to twenty persons can go camping in remote sub-urban areas. Camp leaders are to put suitable plan for the utilization of camping times in several activities including: exercising, hunting, etc., in addition to holding open discussion sessions on some learning topics that fit with the company's targets.

Holding two open discussion sessions a day during every camping period provide good chance to study some important points related to the development of work teams.

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EduCamp is a long term project for continuous education in open air. Group leaders in every department in the company can put an annual plan for camping activities. This includes:

  • the preparation of camping materials (tents, sleeping bags, budgets, etc.)
  • the selection of camping dates that are suitable for the work conditions
  • the configuration of details of the plan for every camping period (i.e. titles of study points and other activities)
  • the distribution of these duties on the staff members in accordance with their backgrounds.

So, many rewards are to be gained from EduCamp activities that are covering fields like behaviors, habits and beliefs.

The participation of the staff members in the preparation of the camping trip and in its activities provides them with some good experiences in camping, lifestyles, bearing responsibilities, arguments, studying and teaching.

In brief EduCamp is an effective tool in getting employees interested in learning.