A fun, discovery-driven, scavenger hunt that encourages the completion of learning missions

White Collar and Trainees


Employees and trainees need inspiration to learn topics of their interest and have breaks from the overwhelming workload and stressful tasks they complete daily. They need to engage in a fun, curiosity-driven and discovery-driven learning paths that disrupt sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours, and provides headspace to motivate them to learn. Timing should match their preference, a relaxed state of mind is a must and body motion will increase the probability of retaining information.


If a company wants to have life-long learners, then they must allow paid breaks of a certain timeframe (30min, 1 hour, 2 hours...) for employees to complete their desired learning goals on whichever topic they want, at the time they feel more compelled to learn. A fun, exploratory and disruptive system must be put into place to facilitate, engage and motivate learning by bringing back a childlike spirit of curiosity and discovery that breaks with the monotonous 9 to 5 routine.


Every month, a limited number of color-coded capsules are hidden in the workspace. Once found, they contain coordinates to locate micro-lessons of 5-10 min at a 5-10 min walking distance. The walk gives headspace to start learning. Curiosity and discovery are triggered by finding the mission capsule and completing its lesson. Redeemable credits are earned based on the amount of missions accomplished. This system is fun, exploratory, non-linear, semi-analog and awakens a childlike behavior.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The first month, e-invitations are sent to employees announcing the beginning of the Wisdom Scavenger Hunt. The 3 areas of knowledge are disclosed with their corresponding colors. Instructions are loosely explained to create intrigue. The limited amount of capsules is revealed to create a scarcity mindset and encourage participation.

Employees are informed they are now allowed to take limited time breaks per day and complete as much missions as they want for that month to earn credits. These are redeemable for perks such as: 30 minute massages, gift cards, etc.

Weekly reminders are sent announcing the number of remaining capsules in order to keep encouraging employees' participation.