Escape Room Challenge
Recruiting app for jobseekers or professionals

Other (jobseekers or professionals)


To counter the national lack of skilled labor, companies have to think for innovative recruiting methods.


One innovative way is recruiting on a playful way: online gaming, on the basis of the great role model "Escape Room". The candidates participate via app from everywhere. So they have no longer to travel and HR departments save money.

There are further advantages: With this game the participants have to show their skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, which are important abilities for the future work.


With this app jobseekers or professionals can prove themselves to get a job. Therefore they apply for a specific company. HR managers choose the level of difficulty (depending of the awarded job), the amount of participants (between 2 - 6) and the start time of the game.

When the game starts online via app, participants will discover and combine hidden clues, solve tricky tasks and put their skills to the test.

HR managers have the opportunity to supervise and manipulate the whole process.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

I would promote the game on the websites of the companies and also provide it on the wellknown app stores. Furthermore I would present it at diverse HR summits or HR fairs.

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