Awareness screens to boost your skills
Digital screens in cafeteria, entrance areas, corporate buses etc, highlighting benefits of training



Quite often, training at the work place is perceived as a theoretical knowledge that employees don’t often see the immediate practical benefit of. For example – MS Excel / Word training – might seem unnecessary for the assistants who anyways manage to do their jobs without additional knowledge of this software. They see no sense in wasting time and energy on it, when they are overwhelmed with the current tasks at hand – prepare and send invitations to 500 participants of the upcoming conference.


Employees have a chance to observe your awareness screen in public areas. What if they see on the awareness screen in the cafeteria that using some extra functions they can prepare and send invitations to all of the 500 participants in just couple of clicks and save days of their work time. A bit later, feedback from other colleagues who undertook the training will be screened. This will rise the employees’ interest and show the practical usefulness of trainings.


The hack would consist in installing awareness screens regarding the training courses available / offered in the company (and not limited to it). They would in particular highlight - Practical application / benefits of the training - Feedback from colleagues - Info on NEW course available - etc! The hack can be implemented in a basic and relatively cheap way (just looped ppts etc). It can be also made on the basis of a digital advertising touch screens with interactivity inbuilt

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

This hack is an advertisement in itself and doesn’t require further promotion. Such network of awareness screens is an effective way to engage your employees and show the practical benefits of the training course.

IMPLEMENTATION: simple & cheap (just looped ppts, or more elaborated videos, or else); more advanced (with interactivity inbuilt: if you click on the displayed content, you can get more information on a particular course, introduce your e-mail / badge, so that respective information about the course is sent to you, etc.)