Back and Forth
A mobile app that organizes daily training sessions during the round trips in public transport.



Many employees use public transport to go to work, even if they own private cars (especially in long distances), and spend an average of one to two hours a day on their round trips.

People differ in the ways they spend these hours.. Some use this time to talk to their companions (if any), listen to songs, play games on cellphone, read, sleep (especially on the return trip), look out the window or just observe other passengers.


These precious hours, which are wasted by many, may exceed 40 hours per month, can be used to take courses. This means that a diligent person can easily pass at least one training session every month if he wants to, only if he/she takes advantage of these wasted hours daily.

All of this without encroaching on the evening hours of the learner to carry out his usual activities, as well as the weekend, which dedicate to his/her social and recreational life or even just stay at home.


"Back and Forth" is a mobile app that divides any course into quotas commensurate with the time of the round trips during the working days, within the time period that the employee wants to finish this course.

By turning GPS on and determining the departure and arrival locations, the application can set timing for each training session and ensure that it is completed within the trip by monitoring the traffic and tracking the route to calculate the expected time of arrival.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The application take into account that the stressful mental state of the learner on the return trip is often less than his/her active state on the go trip.

READY (Requirements)

  • Smart phone
  • Headphone
  • GPS
  • Training course

STEADY (Settings)

  • Attach the course to the application
  • Set the time required to finish the course on the agenda
  • Select weekly working days
  • Locate starting and arrival locations on the map
  • Set the departure and arrival timings for both trips
  • Set the mental state scale for both trips
  • Specify extra days and times during the week that can be allocated to study (if any)