Microlearning Area
A special area assigned for microlearning videos



Companies usually focus on the daily performance of employees setting aside the fact of providing them with the required tools to enhance their knowledge and skills dat by day along with their personal expectations.


Although companies occacionally promotes training programs, they don't take place frecuently, let alone daily. As the concept of learning are nowadays evolving, we need to fit it with new methods which can be held with the daily workflow empowering employees to gain abilities and self-motivation day by day.

Among the emerging learning methods in the digital era, the use of videos has been highlighted; putting this tool into a microlearning daily program in workplaces may be fruitful.


Corporations can have a reserved area assigned for microlearning activities specially focused on quick video training sessions. Groups of employees would be asked for taking a one-day session during their working time. According to the needs, there would be a variety of short-term videos, stored by topics and levels, available for giving a sequential instruction everyday. This method would give short bursts of informations daily allowing employees to repeat or advance each session day by day.

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Every company would have its own microlearning area properly eqquiped. During the working time, groups of employees would be required to enter the place and start a 10-minute session of video training daily.

The needs and expectations of each employee are previously discussed and tailored with the kind of material each requires in sequence. This kind of customization helps to keep any employee boosted and tuned with the collective workflow allowing their self-motivation.

In one way or another, employees will always be encouraged to learn new issues or review what they need to strengthen their knowledge as often as necessary.

The use of videos for learning purposes has been very effective nowadays and has been increased over the years due to the fruitful outcomes. Mixing this tool with a daily microlearning session in appropriate areas would help employees a lot to improve their skills.

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