Problem-solving issues by proposing solutions in collaborative, string-art insight sessions

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Trainees


Employees need a slow-paced, unusual, thought-provoking activity that takes them out of their desks, allows bonding horizontally and across disciplines. If they are allowed to unwind and create knowledge spontaneously, they will be more open to become life-long learners. Short sessions of collaborative, hands-on problem-solving can promote participation


If learning is weaved into employees’ schedules, in an opt-in, seamless and spontaneous way, these will feel more compelled to participate in learning activities envisioned by the company leaders. Transdisciplinary and horizontal sessions of problem-solving using low-budget and tangible materials will make any learning experience more meaningful and engaging. Involving more than one sense like touch, sight and kinesthesia will make ideas stick


Small, diverse groups are randomly selected and scheduled to create temporary string-art visualizations at a specific wall. The wall has a grid of nails, tagged issues and blank solutions. Using low-budget materials: yarn, paper tags and markers, everybody can join a colored string from one problem to a proposed solution/s. The networks are useful to gather insights and inspiration. A multisensory learning session that is low-cost and analog with visual, tangible and artistic results

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

It all starts with an intrigue campaign for employees to get excited about a new collaboration system in the works. People will know that joining is optional but no time will be discounted from working hours

Weekly surprise email invites are sent to a randomly selected group of employees, trainees and managers announcing the event, indicating the spot, time and issues available to solve

The wall will be ready with all the materials needed for the problem-solving session

Participation is optional, however if someone declines another person is chosen to participate until the group is complete

The email invites contain advice for the group on how to distribute the time between reading the issues, thinking through the issues, proposing solutions and connecting everything. Not all problems have to be worked out. Once the time is up, the session closes and can be continued by another group next week or a new session with new issues is created