lunch bREADks
Employees commit to reading and learning during their lunch breaks and be rewarded with a meal.



Lunch breaks that are spend for social media, mobile calling, texting, gossiping, criticism, complaining, faultfinding and other negative judgmental attitude can be channeled to a productive one, such as reading and learning.


Everyone need lunch breaks to be productive. Just like any other break you’re taking at work, your lunch break renews your energy levels, improves concentration, and lets you become more effective when you get back to work.

By scheduling ‘lunch bREADks’ so everyone can enjoy their lunch while reading and learning, before you get into the actual work, you'll allow your team to recharge, which in turn will yield better results.


lunch bREADks is a weekly activity which employees commit in order to read, learn and grow. The company provides an environment conducive to reading and learning. Employees are given the target courses from online eLearning platform such as Udemy, edX, Khan Academy, Skillshare and others. All they have to do is to finish a certain course/program and throughout the learning journey free lunch would be served. Employees can partake on this activity let's say twice or thrice a week.

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Company would provide an environment conducive to reading, learning and growing during lunch break. Everyone are encourage to participate where each of the employee can be able to indulge in their favorite lunch meal and learn along the way.

Every month, each would be given lunch meal coupons and access to online eLearning platforms like Udemy, edX, Khan Academy, Skillshare and others. A personalized course/program which a certain employee needs to develop would be their task to accomplish.

Once an employee have finished an online course/program a certificate of recognition would be awarded by the company thus enhancing employee development, which in turn can benefit the company.

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