Handbook for Dummies
Relying on the huge popularity of pocket manuals, companies create their own educational handbooks.

White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, and Management/Project Lead


Everyone has heard about and probably read something in the "..... for Dummies" series. These books, besides being very popular, contain tons of "hacks", useful experiences and proven practices that can make any task, job and profession feel easy.


The "..... for Dummies" series is vast and unlimited at content, tips and hacks. It serves as an inspiration for companies to come up with their own versions, tailored for specific professions and jobs, even for high-profile small teams and individual employees. These manuals would carry company's own brand guidelines and visuals.


Companies create a pocket-format (or a backpack-format) job manuals in the same style as "..... for Dummies". Instead of wondering around, browsing apps or checking online, employees quickly refer to their handbooks and get an instant insight about most work-related matters. If created as fun as the "..... for Dummies" series, employees will gladly read the book at home too, and re-read it again until all hints and tips inside are known by heart. Then it can be supplemented with another one. :)

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

I believe my idea is able to offer an answer for all questions from the brief: 1. How do we unleash a passion...? / By promoting reading in a fun and useful manner. 2. How do we make people find purpose in seeking knowledge...? / By letting them use a "cheat" handbook, which is always at their disposal. 3. How can we promote learning hacks...? / By relying on the "..... for Dummies" series as an example. 4. How can learning be seamlessly integrated...? / By utilizing the pocket-size handbook whenever there is a need. 5. How can we integrate hacks for challenges of specific target groups...? / By creating a specific version of the manual for each profession in the company. 6. How can learning from failures be meaningfully integrated into learning? / By offering examples inside the handbook of ways to fail and ways to succeed at something. 7. How can learning be transformed into social impact? / By making the manual so fun and useful to rely on that many companies adopt it.