Learning booth
A way of learning and sharing ideas using both technology and human interaction



We live in the age of speed and technology. As easy as we are attracted to new activities, it is also easy to lose interest in a subject if the information is not presented in a catchy and personalized way, based on our preferences. Although it is in human nature the desire to socialize and communicate, people often feel more comfortable to accumulate information individually and at their own pace.


Motivation through competitiveness should not involve social pressure. Learning a new skill using the latest technology, while sharing information with colleagues who have similar interests can be motivating for many employees. Having access to a quiet and customizable place of learning would trigger employees to develop a passion for learning.


Setting one/more learning booths in the office/working area where employees can schedule their learning time. They can go there individually or in small groups, customize the background and choose their new learning skill, based on preferences. Every employee that is part of the 'learning program' would receive a bracelet connected to the learning application, that would light up in different colors. The closer the color of the bracelet to one of a colleague, the more they have in common.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Offering stickers and flyers to employees in which the shape of the booth is drawn, without giving any information about the learning program, only the location where it will be placed. This would trigger their curiosity and imagination.

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