A smart gadget that guides the learner to what he/she really needs for life-long learning.



  • Using an online search engine such as Google leads to hundreds of thousands of results in few seconds.
  • Looking for a particular item in online stores makes ads for the similar flow on all websites whenever the Internet is accessed.
  • Notifications and emails carries more and more announcements via a lot of platforms with/without subscription!!
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) allows machines to make decisions on behalf of humans.


Internet platforms recognize in some way the user's tendencies, then inform advertisers of his/her interests.

This tremendous potential can be exploited by determining the topics of interest to the user, and directing the torrent of ads, notifications, text messages and emails to the desired directions.

At the same time, AI techniques can reduce massive search results into fewer ones, enabling the user to easily handle them.


"USHER" is a smart gadget that guides the learner to the appropriate studies, offers the best deals, monitors his/her progress and redefine the course of learning on the go.

USHER can exploit the search engines capabilities and the advertisers methods to search the internet for what suits all the needs, abilities and wishes of the user.

It also uses AI to narrow down the search results to save user's time and effort in getting what he/she really wants.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

  • Identify your specialties, areas of interest, your interim and final goals.
  • Record the courses you have received and those you wish to.
  • Identify your financial capabilities for learning and available time.
  • USHER will search on your behalf for your needs and suggest suitable learning programs.
  • USHER will search for courses that match your financial capabilities and get best offers, discounts or free of charge courses.
  • Your choices and evaluation of search results will guide USHER to your favorite topics and narrow the scope of the search.
  • USHER measures your development, monitors your progress and redirects search results accordingly.
  • USHER draws your future path, identifies new programs, sets timetables commensurate with your abilities, achievements and time available and suggests you new courses.