Embrace Telecommuting
Telecommuting is cost effective and improves the productivity, and can help the learning process

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Trainees, and Other (Employees over 60, People with special needs, Mom-preneurs)


Studies done by leading industry and academic researchers find that employers in the US lose $1.8 trillion a year in productivity as workers can't achieve their maximum productivity in an office environment. Among the top reasons, causing the problem are:

  • stress during commutes, longer than 20min;
  • distractions in the office space;
  • lack of flexibility in the office space for people with special needs;
  • difficult work-life balance, caused by the fixed working environment.


Commuters have lower life satisfaction, lower sense that their daily activities are worthwhile, lower levels of happiness and higher anxiety on average than non-commuters.

On the opposite side, companies, experimenting with part time or full time telecommuting, report productivity boost and lower employee turnover and attrition rates.

Employees, participating the experiment, report better productivity, motivation and work-life balance.


Remote workforce management(RWM) systems should be integrated for all digital tasks, allowing minimum time to be wasted for commuting.

Research on RWM best practices and integrating them into company's workflow should be done on regular basis for best performance.

Subscriptions for local co-working spaces should be made for all workers, so they could attend professional events and create professional contacts. The time saved will be reinvested in learning online or visiting courses.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

  1. Top management and employees will be familiarized with leading research on the topic.
  2. Best practices will be adjusted and experimented for the different workflows.
  3. Systems for remote workforce management will be integrated to the current company infrastructure.
  4. Employees and management will try combining remote workflow with regular one, picking what works best for them, according the type of work they do.
  5. Subscriptions for local co-working spaces and schedules for educational online and offline events will be made, so the people would feel more socialized and get the chance to learn what is best for them in the most convenient manner.

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