Add Hack
App offers you to add/learn shortcuts from your work environment

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, and Trainees


Each employees have their own style of working, routines and levels of knowledge. Offten you findout some shortcut to work faster and better, use the work tools in better or unique way, or have much larger experiance in exact task.


Employees could help others with their knowledge or with simple hack they findout durring work. It can be simple or basic, but for somebody it can be very usefull!


App offers solution for hacks database. It will collect data that employees will add, so it will be available for every employee.Hacks will be sorted in categories based on tools and fields of work. You can find simple tricks for software, what is the best way to communicate, tools combinations, shortcuts, etc.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

This solution will help employees to work faster, get interested to be better and be motivated to find a new hack and help the work comunity.