We share / we learn +
Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno



Everyone has some special ability, something they love to do, some subject that they master and would be able to envision and pass on to anyone with an interest.


Thinking about it, why not bring together those who like something and would be willing to talk about it and teach with those who want to learn or have always wanted and never succeeded?


In a company the skills are there, in the possession of the people. Each one carries some, and each person carries an interest in other subjects. The idea is to create an app where you can add skills you can teach and skills you want to learn, as well as hours: before work, during lunch or work hours, after work... All the information and knowledge is already there. The app would be the tool that will make it happen, thus promoting a great exchange of information and knowledge among all.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The app can have a compelling interface, similar to a social network, and show users the advancements and skills they have learned. It can be offered completely for free, as a bonus, an added benefit that the company offers.