An equipped study room within the company to provide a suitable environment for learning.



Many companies are keen to provide an comfortable environment for their employees. They have a cafeteria or a restaurant, a lounge or waiting area, a multi-purpose room, but rarely a library or a study room.

While companies were benefiting from the high level of staff due to training courses in their fields, it often left the arrangement of these sessions for the staff themselves, and do not provide them any help or time to study, and do not share them in the costs or give any kind of rewards.


The existence of a library within the company gives the impression of the administration's interest in the importance of lifelong learning and continuous training of employees.

Also, Sponsoring specialized courses motivates employees to study and facilitates them a lot of difficulties they face to save time, effort and money.

In addition, the administration's reward for employees who pass training courses pushes them to learn more which leads to the development of the company itself.


The company sponsors training courses for employees, covering the disciplines in the company, ending with tasks to find solutions to work problems.

For this purpose; there is a need to an equipped classroom contains a library, projector, computers and Wi-Fi...

One hour per week is allocated for: lectures, open meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Certificates and rewards are given to those who pass the course or apply useful practical solutions to the problems at hand.

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The administration announces the subject of the training course and its schedule on the notice board located in the classroom, which employees can add comments, suggestions and useful links.

The classroom remains open to all employees, even non-participants, to read (borrowing is allowed), study the problem, discuss solutions that suits the company with colleagues and consult the expert members of the specialized committee established by administration to help and guide learners at any time.

A final exam should be held, and participants should submit researches on the problem, ways to solve it and recommend suggestions for appropriate solutions.

A final meeting will be held at the end of each course to present the final solutions, the implementation mechanisms and the measures taken by the administration to activate them and honor those who have passed the course and reward the learners who contributed to reaching effective solutions.

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