Instagram buisness
buisness version of social media


The short look at the mobile phone of the employees to distract from short messages or by the vacation pictures of a friend cannot be forbidden. Instagram Buisness can be used to advantage this for the company.


People learn best when they get advice and feedback directly from people who share their environment and work. A quick and uncomplicated way is to have short conversations directly in business social media to save long walks and get many reactions and advices.


The idea is to create a company internal social media that contributes to the transfer of knowledge within the company. In Instagram Business, the employee can post images that show the department's successes, point out problems, or address general business issues. Other employees can comment on the post to provide quick help on the problem, or praise the employee for his or her success.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

The idea is not only limited to picture exchange in the company social media.
Experienced employees can shoot „Youtube tutorials“ to help other employees with their experience in the company. Employees then have the opportunity to search for topic-sorted solution videos, internally.

Similar to the trend like the Ice Bucket challenge, people can be encouraged to film a concise amateur video about themselves in which they briefly describe themselves and their work. Then they nominate another employee. Through this action the company gets to know each other better, especially in larger companies.

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