Colloquium (Latin)
Discussion, discourse, knowledge assessment. No grades, only bonuses for active participants



Colloquium (Latin) means academic discussion or seminar, but not exactly equal to the modern understanding of these words. It is more of a circle, where like-minded people put up a topic and start discussing it from an educational point of view.


Similar Colloquium approach might be applied for corporate learning. Like-minded employees, or colleagues, departments and even companies form a circle of education. No grades exist, workers participate willingly and for their own benefits.


Every participant in Colloquium is equal to everyone else. He/she can put up topics for discussion, propose approaches and view points on possible ways to improve personal and group skills and knowledge. Other participants enrich the conversation with own opinions and know-how, contributing with topics of their liking. Imperceptibly, after few Colloquiums, employees have learned and increased professional proficiencies. This method of learning can be extended for years.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Small number of invitations for attending the first few Colloquiums will be sent to a couple of decorated (experienced, senior) employees, as well as to some of the junior staff. A topic will be chosen to fit most attendants by a project leader/manager, who will also participate. After an engaging and beneficial discussion as equals, word will be spread between employees that these Colloquiums are helpful and pleasant to attend to. From there, company may still organize the events or let employees take care of it themselves, as long as positive practical results are witnessed.