Siri Learning Screens
Apple's Siri is a powerful digital tool. It could offer huge real-time learning opportunities!

Other (Siri has an answer for everyone in the company!)


Apple's Siri is a powerful digital tool. It constantly gets improved and becomes smarter as time passes.


Companies may embrace the opportunity and implement Siri's huge potential towards educating employees.


Siri Learning Screens are placed around the office, workplace, service, canteen, etc. Employees ask questions if need be and Siri instantly answers or makes a research on their behalf. This way employees gain adept knowledge and speed up their learning and labor, while Siri also becomes smarter by increasing its database and competence.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

It is easy and engaging! Companies position Siri Learning Screens (might be iPads, MacBooks, iMacs) inside the office (service, working) areas. Employees will notice them for sure. Siri Learning Screen may ask "What can I help you with?" or state a fact or two in order to make the desired introductions. Once employees realize how funny and helpful Siri can be, they will start using its power to work more efficiently, learn and improve.