the wall of fame
A creative room with a digital display where companies best employee are rewarded regulary



In larger companies, only the employees within a department know each other. This results in miscommunication and prejudice towards other sections and employees.


It can be enormously helpful for the working atmosphere if the employees have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and know each other.


The idea is to set up a central creative room within the company. In this room, besides creative work, suggestions and ideas of the employees can also be discussed. These are shown on the "wall of fame". Also, the successes of employees are regularly written here in order to inform each other about the company and to create a relationship of trust.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

A „creative room“ should help the employees to work, think and plan together. Through the many strategic media, such as a pin wall, paint and papers, a wall for free design with graffiti and others, creativity and forms of expression should be increased. Employees from different departments can meet here and support each other in case of problems. Together, the more interdisciplinary the team, the better the solutions.

To bring the company a little bit more together, the creative room has „the wall of fame“ as his centered object. This screen shows current achievements and successes of the company‘s employees. This screen will also be networked with the employees‘ computers. This way, ideas and suggestions can be posted as notes directly from the PC to the screen via the individuals computer of each employee, and can be read and discussed in the creative room.