Rotational Workshops
Each week/month there will be held a gamified workshop based on the employers interests

Management/Project Lead, White Collar, Blue Collar, Trainees, and All


Most people are occupied with their own lives, their pursuits and everyday struggles. The office is a place where people are driven to push forward, either by the pursuit of money or the success level they are trying to reach. Most people spend their time following a path that it isn't that clear who chose it. That results to a really busy and fast life, not being able to enjoy the small stuff and often only getting excited with setting the bar higher.


I believe our current lifestyle, especially at work, is already enough over-complicated and it does not need another complex solution. It could be life or even luck, regardless of which, people often forget to take a step back and look around, remember what makes them specifically happy and what excites them. That's the part inside them, that I'm trying to wake up with this idea.


Every month, one or more of the employees can hold a "workshop" about something that excites them. Changing the role, like giving the IT guy for example the opportunity to describe his 3d printing obsession. The purpose of the workshop isn't to learn but to excite people. The participants that take part, get bonus points given by the tutors at the end. 100 points correspond to a free day off or other benefits, most people will get there probably for a free day off, though many will learn.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

People get easily stimulated, so just tell them that Jim from IT is holding a workshop for the best burger you have ever eaten. The best 3 burgers get 40 points each. Apart from the fun, a system like this can be expanded to many places. Testing is the best way to find out what works and what doesn't. Mainly a system like this is made to be... by the employees for the employees. At first we want to ask people what is something that excites them and would like to share with others. This might be from stamp collecting , to hacking the neighbor's WiFi passwords (people might surprise you). They will get excited when there is something that they are eager to talk and learn about. Besides, an effective only additive point system that gets people actual rewards will make people gather around and in the process they might open a new window in their lives. In conclusion, some workshops might be held by professionals, which is where you can control exactly how you want them to get informed.