Brain Storming Party
Let's celebrate learning!



Many times employees associate the term "learning" within work with extra hours and boring seminars or conferences.


Companies must stimulate the professional growth of their employees, transforming the individual and collective mindset about the culture of learning. and why not spread this learning culture in a novel and appealing way, transforming the learning context.


This idea consist in holding periodic Brainstorming meetings in a innovative way, under a celebrative context, and developing appealing and emotional intern campaigns around this events

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

the brainstorming parties will have a selected team to carry out an audiovisual record of the event, and make a full report of all the aspects involved in the process, to be disseminated in the company's internal comunication channels, from readings and formal contributions to best jokes, games results, etc, These social events help people bond with others on the team who they don’t interact with on a daily basis and builds a better sense of community, stimulating the positive aspects of the work enviroment.

This will be a thematic event, related with the current project theme, there will be readings of the year challenges, or multimedia material projections in a kind of celebrative meeting. Alternative places will be the space to hold this meetings, such as a nearby bar or a park with appropriate conditions.

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