Family friendly courses
Sharing your learning experience with the beloved ones (spouses, children, parents, etc)



When we think of a work-life balance, we tend to assess it through the dividing perspective: time at work vs time with family/friends. Therefore, investing additional time into corporate related training might not always seem attractive to the employees with families. Thus, passion for learning, generally intrinsic for humans, is hindered in this context.


Approaching the opportunity of a corporate training as a possibility to spend quality time with your beloved ones might open new ways of motivating employees to learn. This might not only improve their careers, but strengthen and bring to the new dimension their relationships with kids, spouses, parents.


Company offers family friendly courses, where the employee can bring along children/parents, etc. However, employee cannot enrol family members without attending the course himself/herself. Training description would then indicate the suitable target audience, initial level of skills required to attend it, etc. Some restriction can be set in terms of number of family members that can be enrolled depending on the format of the training, as well as general demand for it at a given moment in time.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

1) Obviously, as a hack allowing to spend quality time with your family 2) Also, promoting the training as the chance for their kids to learn new skills useful for their future careers, or for parents to stay mentally active by learning some new IT features together with the employee. This might be an additional incentive for the employee him/herself to take respective course. The psychological factor would kick in, that we tend to look after our dear others more eagerly than after ourselves.