Shortcuts for newbies
Learn and try new one every day

Other (Tech newbies, designers, computer personnel)


Shortcuts save time and efforts. Not everyone knows and uses them, or has the desire to search and memorize shorcut key commands.


By revealing useful keyboard shortcuts to computer personnel each day, companies will manage to increase the efficiency of their jobs.


Every day, new shortcuts for office programs are revealed to employees who use them. One at a time, for days to come. The goals is to memorize and learn to constantly apply these shortcuts in daily tasks. This will improve efficiency, save time and make any computer based job easier.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

A simple email to targeted employees or a sign at the office will be enough. "Today's shortcut is Ctrl+S". "It saves your current document is all MS Office programs". "Try to memorize and apply it as often as possible".