Inspired by successful people
Examples of prosperous individuals that continue to learn and improve each day, even now



Many people don't wish to learn at the workplace for different reasons: they think of themselves too old, too young, too busy, too tired, too miserable, too successful, etc. That might be valid for all positions - from blue collars up to the managers.


To stimulate such employees take a different point of view and improve existing knowledge or add new skills, companies may refer to related inspirational examples. Learning is not only about reading, but also talking to people and sharing expertise.


Each week company management prepares a short but impactful presentation about individuals who raised from nothing and became something thanks to their desire to learn and improve. Important accent is put on the fact that these individuals, although billionaires, continue to contantly learn and improve each day. To present learning as a desired process, reward by itself in long-term, and not something temporary and boring.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Presentations might be online or offline, depending on the company and its employees. Interesting and possibly engaging moment is after a few presentations, management could delegate the honor of preparing one to employees who are interested. In doing so, the torch could be passed down and this is also an opportunity to learn and improve.

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