Use Wikipedia
Do not underestimate the educating power of Wikipedia, for you shall be deeply mistaken!



I propose a simple and effective "hack" which most people relied on at some point in their lives. It is Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia full of knowledge ready to be learned. Always there and constantly expanding, ready to be explored.


Wikipedia has almost everything educational from all spheres of human knowledge. Its articles are interesting, useful, helpful and generally non-biased, scientific, structured. If "serious" authorities only knew how many endorsed materials are done with Wikipedia..


There is a need for learning around work, be it during, before or after. Employees are stimulated with various incentives and complex systems are invented to make them engaged in learning. A more simple and really effective tool is at everyone's disposal - Wikipedia. Companies only have to encourage its workforce to spend time reading it. So much specific knowledge can be extracted from its articles for almost any profession, and more, Wikipedia quotes sources and materials for further study.

How would you stage or advertise your hack?

Sometimes simple solutions prove to be the most effective. Sometimes taking it easy is better than rushing up. As the saying goes: "slow is smooth, smooth is fast", if employees are encouraged to spend time finding answers and quenching knowledge thirst inside Wikipedia, they'll become smarter. Smarter means better at work, too. Even if individuals only stick to learning about their own job, it is a lot better than no learning at all.

Please check the quoted article in 3rd party section about Learning. Read it, give it a thought and you'll almost know as much as any expert in the field.

It is from Wikipedia, by the way. ;)

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